Developing Effective Partnering in the Cassava Value Chain

The Zambia Business in Development Facility (ZBiDF), a partnership brokering facility amongst other competences, is currently facilitating the development of an end to end partnership in the cassava value chain called the Cassava to Starch Products Value Chain Partnership. The partnership is being facilitated as part of the scope of work under a contract between […]

The Cassava into Starch Partnership


The cassava tuber which hasn’t been used for anything other than food is now considered as a very versatile product which can be used commercially and/or pharmaceuticals. The Cassava into Starch partnership was developed when the mines were sourcing for local starch to be used in the processing of minerals (they had initially been importing […]

Cassava to Starch Partnership

Casava to Starch Partnership

  On 18th November, 2015, ZBiDF’s Extractive Broker Ms. Sylvia Mutale with support from TPI’s Andrew Kambobe and ZBiDF’s Agriculture Broker Choongo Chibawe held a Stakeholder Meeting on the Cassava to Starch Partnership. The aim of the meeting was to come up with the road map of where the partnership is going and what each […]