Partnering Tools

The Partnering Initiative, the international partnering not-for-profit, offers a range of practical tools to support cross-sector partnerships and other collaborations in reaching their full potential. The Toolbook Series, Partnering Agreement Scorecard, Fit for Partnering Framework and 12 Steps to Effective Collaboration promote new standards of partnering practice and build practitioners skills and knowledge around the world.

The Partnering Toolbook

Toolbook Series

Our respected Toolbook Series provides practical knowledge and guidance for partnerships, and have been developed in close collaboration with practitioners worldwide.

Partnering Agreements Scorecard

The Partnering Agreement Scorecard

This guide includes both an overview of the nature and value of agreements and a new tool for their construction and review – the Partnering Agreement Scorecard. It provides a shorthand of the most critical questions that should be addressed when developing a partnership, and offers a structure for generating and assessing an agreement which should fit the initial needs of most partnerships.

Fit for Partnering Framework

This framework identifies the key organisational processes, systems, commitments and capacities, crucial to an organisation’s ability to partner, and maps them against four organisational areas: Leadership & Strategy, Systems & Processes, Skills & Support, and Partnering Culture. Using this framework can support an understanding of how ready your organisation is to build effective and sustainable partnerships.

12 Steps towards Cross Sector Partnerships

12 Steps towards Successful Cross-sector Partnerships

Twelve key steps to guide you through the process of building and maintaining a successful, sustainable cross-sector partnership. Starting from understanding the issue, and knowing and respecting one’s partners, and identifying clear partnership objectives, all the way through to building in ongoing review and health checks, implementing changes to improve effectiveness, and finally planning for the long term.