Burkino Faso: Smallholders Hub for Sesame and Black-eyed Pea farmers

Case Study Burkino Faso

Case Study:

Burkino Faso: Smallholders Hub for Sesame and Black-eyed Pea farmers


  • Pickou Export Ltd (local entrepreneur)
  • Smallholders
  • Grow Africa (International NGO)
  • APME.2E (agency for promotion of agricultural SMEs)
  • CIDR (International Centre for Development and Research)

Partnership Summary:

Pickou Export Ltd was set up by local entrepreneur to offer a professionally-managed hub, two warehouses and a field school for disempowered smallholders growing sesame and black-eyed peas across 50 villages.

The program addresses market access issues & capacity building to improve quality and yield. The initial action came from the local entrepreneur, who was willing to carry the majority of the risk with guidance, funding and support from partners.

Grow Africa provided experienced NGO facilitation, CIDR contributed expert advice on an inclusive business model which allows smallholders to become shareholders.

Points to note:

  • The establishment of central grower hubs and warehouses empower smallholders, consolidating a fragmented market and helping to ensure secure livelihoods
  • The field school allows farmers to increase knowledge levels and produce better quality product, thereby accessing new markets
  • Partners brought highly complementary knowledge and skills and their collective contributions resulted in a very innovative solution for disempowered smallholders

Read more in the Case Study Source Document (pg 30)