The Zambia Business in Development Facility is scoping the development of brokered services within the tourism sector. Involvement in the tourism sector follows discussions the ZBiDF has had with some key members of the Champions and Advisory group who are of the strong opinion that this sector be included to the other three sectors.

The ZBiDF on November 20th 2014, participated in a forum titled Sweden@Zambia that was supported by the Embassy of Sweden. Specifically, ZBiDF contributed to the success of the Tourism Worklab which focused on ‘Redefining the Hospitality Industry on the Copperbelt’’. The worklab concluded that the quality of services offered in many of the Copperbelt’s facilities was poor as a direct poor skills and attitude of the majority of employees that work in the industry. The work lab in its deliberations indicated that the best solution was to establish a training facility on the Copperbelt that would provide essential service improvement skills.

The ZBiDF has since held various discussions with industry players and the regulator of training in Zambia on the plausibility of establishing an industry run hospitality training establishment on the Copperbelt to respond to the needs of industry players. The finalised concept will be used to develop a partnership that will result in the development of skills and uprating of service delivery in the industry.

Case Study:

Indonesia: Partnerships for Tourism Development