The Partnering Journey

Partnering Cycle

Every journey begins with one step and for one to get to their destination they need to be prepared to face whatever challenges or obstacles they may meet along the way. The same is true for the partnering journey because one cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel without that first step […]

ZFE/ILO Launch National Internship Pilot Programme


ZBiDF’s Manufacturing Broker Shupi Mweene attended the launch of the National Internship Pilot Programme held on 11th December, 2015. The launch was facilitated by the Zambia Federation of Employers (ZFE) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The two organisations are working with the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sport to develop skills in […]

2015 Busan Global Partnership Workshop


The venue of the 2015 Busan Global Partnership Workshop (23-24 November, 2015) was at The K-Hotel, in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The workshop which is an annual event was sponsored in part by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNDP and the aim of this year’s meeting was to look at the role […]

Corporate Shared Value: Creating a Win-win Situation

Shared Value Masterclass Attendees

The Zambia Business in Development Facility (ZBiDF) and Incite held a Shared Value Master Class on the 2nd of November, 2015 in Lusaka. Shared Value is a management strategy in business by using societal challenges to create financial value and a win-win situation for the businesses as well as the society having overcome the challenges […]

Solar Powered Mini Milling Plants

Mini Milling Plant

ZBiDF’s Agriculture Broker Choongo Chibawe recently took a trip to Zambia’s North Western Province specifically Solwezi to inspect Solar Powered Mini Milling Plants. The plants are a Presidential Initiative under JCIS to create jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities for the people living around the plants with the excess power that can be accessed. ZBiDF was contracted to […]

Cassava to Starch Partnership

Casava to Starch Partnership

  On 18th November, 2015, ZBiDF’s Extractive Broker Ms. Sylvia Mutale with support from TPI’s Andrew Kambobe and ZBiDF’s Agriculture Broker Choongo Chibawe held a Stakeholder Meeting on the Cassava to Starch Partnership. The aim of the meeting was to come up with the road map of where the partnership is going and what each […]



The Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) annually commemorates the Manufacturers Week aimed at highlighting the successes scored and challenges being faced by the Manufacturing Sector in Zambia. This year’s Manufacturing Week starting was from 22nd to 27th November, 2015. As part of this year’s celebrations, the Zambia Association of Manufucturers (ZAM) and the Technical Education, […]

Maritime Safety Partnership

Maritime Safety Blog Image

The ZBIDF is building a maritime safety partnership to promote safe practice, policy enforcement and adherence on Zambia’s vast waterways. This partnership is motivated by the number of needless and fatal accidents that occur on the lakes and rivers in Zambia. Of note to mention is the unfortunate accident that claimed 25 lives of mostly […]

Busan Global Partnership Workshop 2014

Han River in Seoul Korea

The venue of the 2014 Busan Global Partnership Workshop (6 -7 November, 2014 ) was the Ewha Womens University, in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.  Sponsored in part by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country, and UNDP, the meetings aim was to offer an opportunity  jointly for participants to take stock of […]

How not to Reinvent the Wheel

How not to reinvent the Wheel

Learning from the International Partnering Landscape As the ZBIDF Hub sets out its plans for supporting cross-sector partnership action in the focus areas of manufacturing, tourism, extractives and agriculture, the Hub’s partnership brokers were particularly keen not to reinvent the wheel. Just as the concept of partnering in Zambia is not new, and there are existing […]