Cassava to Starch Partnership



On 18th November, 2015, ZBiDF’s Extractive Broker Ms. Sylvia Mutale with support from TPI’s Andrew Kambobe and ZBiDF’s Agriculture Broker Choongo Chibawe held a Stakeholder Meeting on the Cassava to Starch Partnership.

The aim of the meeting was to come up with the road map of where the partnership is going and what each partner is expected to bring to the partnership because a partnership can only work when all those on board bring what they can to the table.

All the stakeholders agreed that cassava is the next big business opportunity worth exploring as it has potential to grow Zambia’s economy and create jobs for the citizens as well as contribute to the food basket citing Nigeria as the cassava success story.

The off-taker of the partnership Premiercon Starch Company highlighted the opportunities of the cassava to starch partnership and the gaps that the partnership would fill once the road map is made clear and the partnership is underway.

It was agreed by all the partners that the main objective of the partnership would be:

“Reduce Poverty through Increasing Employment by Increasing Cassava Production and Processing”.

All the partners are eager to see the partnership through and a Partnership Agreement is poised to be signed soon.


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