Maritime Safety Partnership

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The ZBIDF is building a maritime safety partnership to promote safe practice, policy enforcement and adherence on Zambia’s vast waterways. This partnership is motivated by the number of needless and fatal accidents that occur on the lakes and rivers in Zambia. Of note to mention is the unfortunate accident that claimed 25 lives of mostly […]

Busan Global Partnership Workshop 2014

Han River in Seoul Korea

The venue of the 2014 Busan Global Partnership Workshop (6 -7 November, 2014 ) was the Ewha Womens University, in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.  Sponsored in part by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country, and UNDP, the meetings aim was to offer an opportunity  jointly for participants to take stock of […]

How not to Reinvent the Wheel

How not to reinvent the Wheel

Learning from the International Partnering Landscape As the ZBIDF Hub sets out its plans for supporting cross-sector partnership action in the focus areas of manufacturing, tourism, extractives and agriculture, the Hub’s partnership brokers were particularly keen not to reinvent the wheel. Just as the concept of partnering in Zambia is not new, and there are existing […]

Clearing the Language Barriers

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The field of partnership development is significantly constrained by the lack of a shared vocabulary. Creating stronger understanding of the key terms of the debate – and strengthening the ability of people to act as interlocutors – will enhance opportunities, reduce misunderstandings and lead to more effective outcomes. Development practitioners see the world through the […]