The Partner Building Framework

Partnering Framework Graphic

This framework identifies the key organisational processes, systems, commitments and capacities, crucial to an organisation’s ability to partner, and maps them against four organisational areas: Leadership & Strategy, Systems & Processes, Skills & Support, and Partnering Culture. Using this framework can support an understanding of how ready your organisation is to build effective and sustainable partnerships.

Scoping and Building

  • Initiating the idea of partnering
  • Making the case to potential partners / donors / decision-makers
  • Scoping the possibilities
  • Energising and enthusing
  • Early relationship building
  • Managing expectations
  • Initial / outline planning
  • Helping partners to reach agreement

Managing and Maintaining

  • Secure resource commitments
  • Build governance arrangements
  • Deepen organisational engagement
  • Develop a communications plan
  • Build partnering capacity
  • Problem solve constructively
  • Agree benchmarks for later evaluation

Reviewing and Revising

  • Agree evaluation procedures
  • Assess the impact of the partnership
  • Draw out and apply lessons
  • Review efficiency of the partnership
  • Review the added value to partners
  • Brainstorm new ideas /developments
  • Make any necessary changes to project or partnering arrangements

Sustaining Outcomes

  • Discussions on ‘moving on’ choices
  • Recognition and celebration of the partnership’s achievements
  • Reaching agreement on type of information for the public domain
  • Identification of further champions and spheres of influence
  • Work to ensure that outcomes are sustained
  • Management of closure / moving on procedures

Content courtesy of ‘The Partnering Initiative’