Products and Services

What Services does the ZBIDF offer ?

Creating new, high-impact cross sector partnerships

  • Potential partner identification / match-making and idea initiation
  • Market linkages
  • Early stage partnering discussions, relationship building and clarification of business case
  • Assisted partnership structuring, including: clarification and articulation of partnership: roles, concept, vision, shared interests, resource mapping, management governance arrangements and principles
  • Co-creating partnership agreements

Supporting, scaling and sustaining high-impact partnerships

  • Partnership sustainability planning
  • Partnership scaling and replication
  • Partnership “Health Check” Workshop
  • Partnership Learning Case Study
  • Detailed Partnership Evaluation with recommendations to improve efficiency and results

Partnership Skills Building

  • Cross-sector training on partnering and shared value best practices and techniques
  • Tailored partnership skills building through direct coaching, training, or provision of tools for specific organizations or partnerships
  • Housing and disseminating best practice information about partnering, partnership effectiveness and the role of business in development

Focused public-private and cross-sector dialogue

Innovation Series to create new, collaborative solutions on issues of shared
 resources across diverse stakeholder groups

The Partner Building Framework

Who Manages the partnering process ?

A partnership process manager (broker) is an active ‘go-between’ who supports partners in navigating their partnering journey by helping them to create a map, plan their route, choose their mode of transport and change direction when necessary.

Partnership ‘broker’ is the term used internationally but it can be problematic in certain contexts.

More about our Partnering Brokers

Does ZBIDF charge for its services?

Yes, this is part of ZBIDF’s core strategy towards becoming a self-sustaining facility.

What resources does ZBIDF have to support service provision?

  • An expertly trained team of partnership brokers
  • A vast network of champions to provide guidance and leverage
  • The tools, programmes, resources and networks of TPI and AMSCO
  • The support of Sida and the Embassy of Sweden