About Us

The ZBiDF is a backbone support or interactive system leadership organisation that works with business, government, donors and civil society in Zambia to design, facilitate, manage and maintain multi-stakeholder collaborative impact on key business and development challenges/initiatives. ZBiDF is supported by Business Partnership Action and is partnered by The Embassy of Sweden, AMSCO and TPI. ZBiDF is governed by a local high level Champions & Advisory Group.

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Our Mission

The ZBiDF’s mission is to systematically support, catalyse and scale cross-sector action on business and development challenges/initiatives.

What are cross sector partnerships?

These are partnerships where business collaborates with one or more of government, NGOs and/or international development agencies, combining their resources to achieve specific development and business benefits based on shared value, outcomes and risks.

What is a backbone organisation or interactive system leadership?

An Interactive system leadership is that which is provided by a backbone organisation through undertaking the following actions in the life cycle of a particular initiative to a given challenge;

  1. Create aligned understanding on the nature of a challenge
  2. Identify stakeholders and mobilise cross sector action
  3. Engender community-wide buy in on initiatives
  4. Facilitate and support a win-win shared vision and co-created activities to respond to the challenge
  5. Mobilise tangible and intangible resources to support the initiative
  6. Develop a framework for learning and measuring impact on the outcomes of the initiative
  7. Motivate, manage and maintain an acceptable trust-oriented, mutually beneficial and accountable operating environment


What does ZBiDF do?

  • Creates facilitated space in which players across sectors and industries can overcome cultural differences and mistrust to take action on issues of mutual interest
  • Assists specific individuals and divisions in business, government, NGOs and international agencies to develop effective partnerships. For those already in partnerships, it provides technical assistance to gain and create greater value from the partnerships
  • Supports partners and potential collaborators in identifying creative ways to resource their shared work, on issues of mutual interest related to sustainable development.

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